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Monster Baby Bums

I had a fun time knitting these Monster Pants. It took me about two weeks to make this great stash buster project. Knitting stripes in the pants means you can use up different colours, and you can make this project quite unique for each little baby or toddler. Choose their favourite colour, or even attempt to make their favourite tv, book, or movie character.

I used a Ravelry pattern:

I used 7 Size 6 DPN’s, so that I could knit both legs at the same time (to try and use up ALL of my blue and gray yarn).

The pattern called for a Gauge 20 stitches/ 10cm, my gauge was 18 stitches/10cm. I cast on the same number that the pattern called for, and yet the waist seemed rather large. I decreased the cast on by a few stitches (but forgot to make a note of by how many).

When you get to Round 7: *yo, P2tog, yo, k2* repeat that is creating the holes in the waist ribbing which you will put the i cord through.

After you finish the ribbing, you knit 16 (18) rounds and then it says to change to C1 and knit 4 rounds – that is creating the top of the mouth.

You then change to the colour you want for inside the mouth – and will be doing Wrap and Turn. Here is a video tutorial for W & T:


If you haven’t knit an i cord before, here is a handy video tutorial:

Happy Knitting!


Scarf for Poppy

In a previous blog post I shared a picture of the first thing I made, which was a shawl for my mother. Here is the link for that pattern: Garter and Lace Wrap

My next project was a scarf for my Dad, modeled by my daughter below:


I found this pattern in a short book I bought at Walmart called Knitting Made Easy. It is a great pattern for beginners.

You can also find the pattern here On The Double Scarf

The pattern calls for size US 13, but you can use any size needle you have, with any yarn you want of course – but that will change the size of the scarf. If you use small needle with thin yarn (fingering for example) you will need to cast on more stitches. If you use a bigger needle, with thick yarn, like “bulky” then you cast on fewer stitches. If you are a beginner, I suggest sticking with what the pattern calls for until you get the hang of it 🙂

You will need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off.




I’m Smitten for Knittin’!

This is my first post to my yarnalicious blog! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by 😉

I’m a 34 year old mom, wife, friend, writer, who started knitting in 2012 after my doctor suggested it as a way to help my anxiety. At that time I was suffering from extreme anxiety. I started knitting in late Winter 2012, my first real project was a shawl for my mother (modeled by my daughter below):


I fell in love with knitting – which is where I came up with the idea of Smitten 4 Knittin. When I am knitting I don’t worry about other things. It has helped my anxiety more than I could have ever imagined. My mind is at peace, I sleep better, I have lost a lot of weight, and in the process I’ve knit things for friends, family, and even strangers. With love in every stitch. You’ve been Smitten! 🙂