Monster Baby Bums

I had a fun time knitting these Monster Pants. It took me about two weeks to make this great stash buster project. Knitting stripes in the pants means you can use up different colours, and you can make this project quite unique for each little baby or toddler. Choose their favourite colour, or even attempt to make their favourite tv, book, or movie character.

I used a Ravelry pattern:

I used 7 Size 6 DPN’s, so that I could knit both legs at the same time (to try and use up ALL of my blue and gray yarn).

The pattern called for a Gauge 20 stitches/ 10cm, my gauge was 18 stitches/10cm. I cast on the same number that the pattern called for, and yet the waist seemed rather large. I decreased the cast on by a few stitches (but forgot to make a note of by how many).

When you get to Round 7: *yo, P2tog, yo, k2* repeat that is creating the holes in the waist ribbing which you will put the i cord through.

After you finish the ribbing, you knit 16 (18) rounds and then it says to change to C1 and knit 4 rounds – that is creating the top of the mouth.

You then change to the colour you want for inside the mouth – and will be doing Wrap and Turn. Here is a video tutorial for W & T:


If you haven’t knit an i cord before, here is a handy video tutorial:

Happy Knitting!


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