Youtube Taught me How to Knit

A few people have tried to teach me how to knit, but it was Youtube that made it all click. Being able to watch videos of people showing how to knit has been an incredible resource, where I can pause, and rewind, as many times as I need in order to learn something new. I would like to share some of my favourite knitting Youtube Channels that I’ve found helpful.

My absolutely #1 favourite Youtube Channel is VeryPink Knits. This channel features the fantastic Staci Perry. She is a Level 1 certified master knitter, with over 35 years knitting experience. She’s also a knit wear designer, and knitting teacher.

VeryPink Knits on Youtube

Staci Perry on Ravelry

Very Pink Website

I also enjoy Vickie Howell’s Youtube Channel. She teachers knitting and crochet.

Vickie Howell on Youtube

The Skeino Yarn Youtube channel is also extremely helpful.

Skeino Yarn on Youtube

Now, you have hundreds of knitting videos to watch. LOL Enjoy! Get Smitten with Knittin’!

Amanda ♥


4 thoughts on “Youtube Taught me How to Knit

    1. Nice to meet you too Anne 🙂
      Isn’t Youtube fantastic? I use it for so many things. The cooking shows are great too, that demonstrate recipes.

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