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Handknit Cotton Dishcloths

When I was growing up, my mom always had hand knit cotton dishcloths. They are fantastic because they dry fast, don’t stink, work great, and machine washable. I also love the little “bumpies” that garter stitch creates, acting like scrubbies, great for a getting all the dirt off the dishes.

I’ve made lots of cotton dishcloths, usually with Bernat 100% cotton. When I learn of a new stitch pattern, I like to cast on a dishcloth and try out the pattern to see how it looks. This week I’ve tried something new, Starfish Dishcloth. Mine turned out too large for a dishcloth in my opinion, but it’s quite easy to simply go down a size in knitting needle to end up with a smaller cloth.

Starfish Dishcloth

The pattern can be found on Ravelry, called “Starfish Dishcloth”.

What is your favourite dishcloth pattern?